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FOB fan fiction.
divisionofjoy Aug 11, 2007

New FOB Fiction Site

That's a long time! Sooo, I've set up this forum and I'l really keen to make it work because it's a place where all FOB…
divisionofjoy Aug 09, 2007
He Owns The Term : Fuck Me Pumpsvid

He Owns The Term : "Fuck Me Pumps"

I have an unhealthy obsession for feet and Patrick. "Go Figure"
Patrick On His Tip Toes!pic

Patrick On His Tip Toes!

And that's the only reason this photo's up here!
MTV Diary - Fall Out Boy Part 3vid
MTV Diary Fall Out Boy - Part 2vid
MTV Diary - Fall Out Boy Part 1vid

MTV Diary - Fall Out Boy Part 1

YouTube took it down, but I will not be defeated.
divisionofjoy May 10, 2007

Forever Feels Like Home [Chapter 8]

"He said what?" Patrick asked not sounding too amused at the moment."He said he didn't love me anymore," I explained the phone conversation that Pete…

This Isn't What You Wanted [Chapter 5]

She absent mindedly did her rounds, she enjoyed this time, seeing through all your previous day's work had a sense of satisfaction about it.  Unfortunately for…
divisionofjoy May 06, 2007

Forever Feels Like Home [Chapter 7]

Forever Feels Like Home - by CCLOVELA   I paced my room waiting, again, for Pete.  He always lost track of time, but this time he promised.  We were…

This Isn't What You Wanted [Chapter 4]

Chapter 4 - A Pill, A Prayer & A Prick   She fumbled with the lid to the pills and impatiently pushed them into her mouth, swallowing…
divisionofjoy Apr 21, 2007

Forever Feels Like Home [Chapter 6]

Forever Feels Like Homeby CCLOVELA "What the hell was that, JB?" I asked pulling my arm out of his grasp as soon as we had exited…
divisionofjoy Apr 17, 2007
Patrick Martin Stumph Ivid

Patrick Martin Stumph I

There are actually no words....
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